Yawl-6 scale 1:36!

Yal-6 – is a light, multi-purpose six paddles boat.

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The characteristics of the set's model

LSM0401 Yawl-6

Sail & Row boat Yawl-6

The level of complexity and scale

Model has intermediate difficulty level. Kit is intended for adults and children above 12 years old. Scale 1:36


Length 175 mm, width 56 mm, height 172 mm

Modern production technology

Shell planking and other hull structure made by laser cutting

The package includes the

Materials and components are made from high quality saw timber. Sewn sails included. Detailed “step by step” photo instruction included


2800 rubles

Sail & Row boat Yawl-6

LS MODEL would like to introduce new self-assembly boat model kit – Ywal-6.
Boat Wooden Kit includes: shell planking and over hull structures made from high quality saw timber (details made by laser cutting), detailed “step by step” photo instruction with explanations comments, pattern and fabric for the manufacture of sails, yarn for rigging assembly, brass parts. Yal-6 or six paddles boat is a seagoing vessel with to sails. Sailing equipment includes mast and battens, foresail and jib, standing rigging-tackle to support the mast, running rigging - rigging for lifting and sail control. Sail & Row Yal designed for people or light cargo transportation, for short voyages between vessels or ship-to-shore communications, it is also used as education or pleasure vessel. Yal can be under way by oars and/or sails. Most common sailing areas are inland waters or coastal seas. Main characteristic: length - 6,11 m, width - 1,85 m, single mast 5,5 meters height called fore-mast and supports both sails. Mast is made of glued pine or fir. Shell is made by lining-type "clinker" .

"And don't you afraid of it come up on the ship? Because so many people were killed in the wreck!".
This is the logic of the inhabitant. "And you are not afraid to go to bed? In bed died even more people."
This is the response of the seafarer.

Gyula Yesh

LS MODEL - a qualitatively new Russian product, for the fans of shipbuilding

The products of the company "Lodestar Model", in comparison with similar sets of other manufacturers, has a number of advantages, which will please both Amateurs and professionals shipmodelling.

Sets of Wooden Kit-class Museum Quality

Each set of production LS MODEL contains: color step-by-step instructions with photos, detailed drawings and recommendations for building a model, sheets of veneer with a laser breakdown of each and every Board the ship's hull and other parts of the model. The unique design of the components, will compensate the deformation of the casing of the model.

Affordable price

The low cost price of our sets of models of ships not only organically combined with modern technologies, but also makes our product for You maximally competitive and attractive. Flexible price policy with the democratic prices of the sold goods is one of the postulates of our work.

Simplicity of assembly

The use of modern computer technologies in the development of models, compulsory test, allow to make the Assembly a simple and entertaining. Laser cutting of each and every Board of housing, the elements of the model significantly facilitates the process of assemblage and leads to excellent results, even inexperienced modelers.

Sets of large-scale ship models LS MODEL

Sets of our production will allow You to own hands to make scale models of sailing ships, representing an exact copy of the historically famous ships. Assembling of sets LS MODEL will deliver to You true pleasure in the process of independent production of exclusive models of ships.

Yawl-6 – is a unique Sail & Row multi-purpose boat!

Original decoration of the interior of your home, which successfully will help You to solve the question of «what to present?». So as a set for the construction of a scale model of the ship is a wonderful, original VIP gift.

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