Sailing vessel Coch!

Coch - nautical, wooden, singlemast, fishing, sailing and rowing vessel of XI-XIX centuries. Created by Russian pomorian, Coch in the XVII century undoubtedly became a masterpiece of Russian shipbuilding and the national contribution of Russia in the history of the world shipbuilding industry.

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The characteristics of the set's model

LSM0101 Coch XVI-XVII A.D.

Coch Northern expedition Semen Dezhnev and Fedota Popova 1648

The level of complexity and scale

The average level of complexity. For adults and children from 8 years. The scale of 1:48


The length of 435 mm, width 210 mm, height of 405 mm

Modern production technology

Laser cutting of each and every Board corps and other elements of the model

The package includes the

Elements of parts for the Assembly of models of noble breeds of a tree, patterns and fabrics for the manufacture of sails and flags, detailed drawings (pdf), a text-based instructions and step-by-step photo instructions (pdf)


5500 rubles

Pomorian Coch

Since XI century, Pomors improved their ships for navigation in ice severe Northern seas. By the XVII century, Pomor Coch began to masterpieces of Russian shipbuilding, the excellent on their strength and nautical qualities.
Pomor sailors presented to the courts is very strict requirements: the short Arctic summer they had to overcome a thousand miles away, in the conditions of a complicated ice situation and the strongest of storms. The construction of Coch Pomors were very responsibly.
The traditions of the Pomeranian shipbuilders was so strong that even when Tsar Peter the First, forbidden to build old at the time, the date of the court. However, Pomors despite the ban, continued to build Coch. Peter the First was powerless before the ancient traditions of the Northern dwellers.
Pomorian Coch - this wooden sailing-rowing vessel, length of 20-25 meters, a width of about 4-5 meters, draft 1.5 - 2 meters. Coch take on Board up to 30 tons of cargo and up to 50 people of crew members and passengers.
A characteristic feature of the housing Coch was the oval form, which was later used Makarov . when creating the icebreaker « Ermak ». The compression in the ice of the vessel was not subjected to excessive load, but simply jump on the surface of the ice, and this is easy at first glance, the decision can be safely attributed to the number of the most brilliant technical inventions.
While sailing on the Pomors go to the New Earth, at Spitsbergen, in White and Kara seas, along the shores of Northern Chukotka and on the Pacific ocean. Great Russian pioneers of semen Dezhnev and Fedot Popov, Erofey Khabarov and many of its other outstanding discoveries made exactly on while sailing.

"And don't you afraid of it come up on the ship? Because so many people were killed in the wreck!".
This is the logic of the inhabitant. "And you are not afraid to go to bed? In bed died even more people."
This is the response of the seafarer.

Gyula Yesh

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Excellent sailing vessel Coch!

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