We draw Your attention to the fact that our web site is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances is not a public offer, determined by the provisions of Article 437 (2) of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. For detailed information about the presence and value of the goods and (or) services, please contact the managers of our company directly at contact phone numbers and e-mail.

Extract from the law on the protection of the rights of consumers on the return or exchange of the goods

- the buyer shall have the right within fourteen days from the time of transfer to it of non-food goods, unless a longer period has been declared by the seller, to exchange the goods bought at the place of purchase and other places, declared by the seller, for analogous goods of a different size, form, dimension, style, color or configuration, allowing for the difference in price the necessary calculation with the seller.

- in the absence of the necessary for the exchange of the goods from the seller the buyer shall have the right to return the purchased goods to the seller and get the money paid for them.

- the demand of the buyer for exchange or return of the goods shall be liable to satisfaction, if the goods were not used, retained their consumer properties and there is evidence of the acquisition of him from the given seller.

- in case of remote way of sale of the goods the consumer has the right to refuse the goods at any time before its transfer, and after the transfer of goods - within seven days.


The product must not be in use, fully retained its marketable appearance, Packed exclusively in the original packaging.


Carrying out the purchase of the goods on our website, You represent the entire agreement of the conditions of return or exchange of the goods of appropriate quality, stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Warranty service

Is made within 6 months from the date of purchase of the goods. In case of detection of defective, the buyer shall have the right to apply to us for free warranty repair or replacement, in case of impossibility of repair. Transportation costs associated with the delivery of the goods to the address of our company, for the implementation of the warranty repair or replace it, is borne by the buyer. Delivery of the repaired or replaced goods to the buyer, our company provides for its own account.

"Lodestar Model Co. Ltd." does not bear guarantee certificates and does not make free-of-charge service in the following cases:

- mechanical damage to the product and/or its component elements;
- incorrect assembly of the product;
- loss of parts and components supplied products;
- normal wear and tear of the elements of the product;
- violation of rules of storage and use of the product;
- the careless attitude to the product.
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