Summer Cottage (Dacha)!

Let us introduce our new product: wooden toy kit ”Summer Cottage", which opens new production line of our company "Educational toys for children".

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Main model particulars

LSM1101 Summer Cottage (Dacha)

Summer cottage (Dacha). Model kit made from ecological plywood panels.

Complication level and Scale

Low complication level. Kit is designed for kids above 7 years old and adults. Scale 1:18

Main dimensions

Length 390 mm, Width 290 mm, Height – 330 mm

Modern production technology

Plywood panels are cut by sharp laser

Delivered Items

Set of plywood details, fit-up scheme and written .pdf instruction


2100 rubles

Summer Cottage (Dacha)

There is no doubt, that a toy house building process is exiting and useful for kids: it develops thinking, logic, imaginations, hand deftness and accuracy, trains diligence. Toy house will helps your kid get familiar with colors, geometry figures and forms, in short period of time.
You can decorate your cottage by yourself: paint with your favorite color, put some additionally clue flowers or ornamental patterns and etc. Toy house is fitted for dolls and furniture with height up to 10 cm.
Model “Summer Cottage” is made from wood and absolutely safe for kids, because wood is immunogenic and environment friendly material.
Fully assembled "Summer Cottage" will make happy not only kids, but even their parents. Then you construct toy house together with your child, you create ideal condition for his successful and harmonic self-actualization.

Educational toys for kids from LS MODEL – is active and interesting rest for all your family!