Peter the First boat

Peter the First boat - wooden, singlemast, sailing and rowing vessel of the 17th century, а precious historical monument embodying the great idea of the creation of the Russian fleet..

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The characteristics of the set's model

LSM0601 Peter the First boat XVII century

Bot of Peter the Great from amusing fleet of the Tsar on Lake Pleshcheyevo

The level of complexity and scale.

Model has intermediate difficulty level. Kit is intended for adults and children above 14 years old. Scale 1:24


the length of 320 mm, width 100 mm, height of 295 mm

Modern production technology

laser cutting of each and every Board corps and other elements of the model

The package includes the

Components made from presidios timber, step by step photo instruction for self-assembly with comments, sewn sails included, thin ropes for rigging preparation, brass wire, brass components, cast steel cannon barrels, colored flags, cast plastic stern exterior decoration


5990 rubles

Peter the First boat – is a grandfather of Russian fleet.

"LS MODEL" would like to introduce a new self-assembly «Wooden Kit» model – Peter the First Boat..
Wooden Kit include: components made from presidios timber, step by step photo instruction for self-assembly with comments, pattern for sails, thin ropes for rigging preparation, brass wire, brass components, cast steel cannon barrels, colored flags, cast plastic stern exterior decoration.

History remark:
In 1688 young king of Russia Peter the First, in his motherland village Izmailovo found an old boat; presumably she was made in Brittan. Peter has ordered to repair the boat and equip it with mast and sails.
Length between perpendiculars (as been measured in 1837) is 6,019 m. Beam overall 1,911 m (without shell). Beam with shell 1,968 m. Side height in middle 0,813 m. Side height fore 0,997 m. Side height aft 1,003 m. Transom beam (on gunwale level) 0,984 m. Mast height 6,606 m. Mast diameter (lower part) 0,152 m. Length overall 6,096 m. Transom height 1,4 m.
According to her general measurements and characteristics Peter the First boat in quite alike modern boat “Yal-6”. But she has a bit bigger displacement. Displacement is 1286,71 kg. Square of the sails arrangement is about 18 sq. m.
Frames been made from oak 70*57 mm. Each frame consist from two parts, port and starboard overlapping each over. Between main frames, additional short semi frames been installed from keel up to waterline. All frames are laid positioned on the keel and connected to each over with additional keel beam 304,8*50,8 mm fixed above the frames.
Sides reinforced by heavy gunwale (111,1 х 50,8 mm) and fender beams. Shell made from coniferous planks 28,6 mm thickness.
Three oarlocks been installed on gunwale. Forth oarlock been installed on transom. Due to boat displacement two men have been operating by each oar.
Boat exterior: between gunwale and fender beam on shell there are 64 white, blue and red triangles. Stern outside bulwarks decorated with drawings of young herbal. Double head eagle is drawn on inside part of transom. Outside transom decorated with carving: there is a Holy figure in the center, from starboard side there is a figure of small boat and from port side small house. This composition is framed by plant tree with leaves and thin branches curls. Carve composition is expressiveness and conciseness, that is why you can watch the composition from long and short distances. Below carving, you can find mascarons figures – human body with lion head.
Peter the First during his voyages on Prosynoy Pond and Yauza River, has been studding sailing and navigating Science. But Yauza has been too narrow and Prosynoy Pond been too small and Peter decided to move the boat to Plescheevo Lake – future Russian NAVY cradle. In summer of 1692 Peter the First training fleet consists of 100 small and big ships.
Creating a training fleet on Plescheevo Lake has been the first step in Russian NAVY shipbuilding. Voyages in Plescheevo Lake trading area reinforce the king idea to build the NAVY for Baltic and Azov sea. In 1722 Peter the First has cold his first boat a “Soul of Russian Fleet”.

Sailing is not so, as the wind blows, and as the sail up.

The saying of the ancient mariners

LS MODEL - a qualitatively new Russian product, for the fans of shipbuilding

The products of the company "Lodestar Model", in comparison with similar sets of other manufacturers, has a number of advantages, which will please both Amateurs and professionals shipmodelling.

Sets of Wooden Kit-class Museum Quality

Each set of production LS MODEL contains: color step-by-step instructions with photos, detailed drawings and recommendations for building a model, sheets of veneer with a laser breakdown of each and every Board the ship's hull and other parts of the model. The unique design of the components, will compensate the deformation of the casing of the model.

Affordable price

The low cost price of our sets of models of ships not only organically combined with modern technologies, but also makes our product for You maximally competitive and attractive. Flexible price policy with the democratic prices of the sold goods is one of the postulates of our work.

Simplicity of assembly

The use of modern computer technologies in the development of models, compulsory test, allow to make the Assembly a simple and entertaining. Laser cutting of each and every Board of housing, the elements of the model significantly facilitates the process of assemblage and leads to excellent results, even inexperienced modelers.

Sets of large-scale ship models LS MODEL

Sets of our production will allow You to own hands to make scale models of sailing ships, representing an exact copy of the historically famous ships. Assembling of sets LS MODEL will deliver to You true pleasure in the process of independent production of exclusive models of ships.

The excellent bot of King Peter I !

Special decoration of the interior of your home, which successfully will help You to solve the question of «what to present?». So as a set for the construction of a scale model of the ship is a wonderful, original VIP gift.

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