We create a ships!

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Since 2013, the Russian company "Lodestar Model" has organized own manufacture of sets of self-Assembly of large-scale ship models from wood, under the brand of "LS MODEL". The main idea of the professional implementation of our developed projects that are superior in quality to foreign analogues. Our first model - Pomeranian Coch, opens a series of "Russian sailing vessels".

Attention to each client

Our production is primarily focus on the development of Russian sailing ships, at the same time we intend to produce such models of the ships, which will be of interest to You as your performance, and rich historical past. The efficiency of the feedback with the client, absolutely individual approach, impeccable fulfillment of the undertaken obligations, the flexible price policy - distinguishes us from the rest of the competitors.

Models of ships - Your choice!

The increased interest in the Russian model ships are not only domestic, but also foreign shipbuilders . This is due to the limited offers a similar product on the market. Of course, when creating new models, we will be guided, including Your opinion and feedback. In the short term, by means of the survey on our website, You will choose the model of the ship, which would like to buy.

A new set of LS MODEL

We will try to regularly please You with new products, expanding the range of our products, with reasonable prices held shares and special offers. The frequency of the development of self-Assembly bench models of ships depends on the complexity of the produced models. This time it is 1-2 models per year.

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